Interior Secretary Salazar’s Vision for Growing Wildlife Refuge System


The Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, announced today that he's got a draft vision "to guide the growth and management of the National Wildlife Refuge System," a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service press release stated.

The draft document was developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Wildlife Refuge Association, articulates a 10-year vision for the Refuge System.  The document is entitled Conserving the Future: Wildlife Refuges and the Next Generation, and it includes nearly 100 recommendations to "protect and improve the world's premiere system of public lands and water set aside to conserve America's fish, wildlife and plants for the continuing benefit of the American people," the press release stated.

The document is available for public comment here, until Earth Day, on April 22nd.

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Yeah! I work at usfws directly under the team who put together this document. I spent Wed. turning it into webpages! Personally, I look forward to being able to help involve tribal partners in the new vision and the national conference to take place in July.