Elouise Cobell

Services for Elouise Cobell Saturday, October 22


Funeral services for Elouise Cobell, 65, will be held Saturday, October 22, at the Browning High School, 105 Hwy 89, Browning, Montana. The family has announced four speakers, a long time friend, her lawyer, a banker and her son.

Zita Bremmer, one of Cobell’s many friends will deliver the eulogy in the high school gymnasium at 11 a.m. She will be followed by Dennis Gingold, lead attornery in Cobell’s class-action lawsuit against the federal government; Jim Scott, chief executive of First Interstate Bank; and Turk Cobell, her son.

The services are open to the public and will be followed by a lunch at the school. Then at 3 p.m., Cobell will be buried at the Cobell Blacktail Ranch, 26 miles south of Browning.

There will be a public viewing at 5 p.m. on Friday, October 21 followed by a rosary in her honor at 7 p.m. The viewing will be in the gymnasium.

Flowers can be sent, starting October 21, to Browning High School, 105 Hwy 89, Browning, MT 59417.

Individuals wishing to make donations in Ms. Cobell’s honor may send them in her name to the Blackfeet Reservation Development Fund, PO Box 3029, Browning, MT 59417.

Letters of condolence may be mailed to the Cobell family at: NACDC Executive Office, 101 Pata St., PO Box 3029, Browning, MT 59417. Electronic condolences can be sent to InRemembranceofElouise@gcginc.com.

The Pondera Funeral Home, in Conrad, Montana is handling the arrangements.

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Submitted by psette on
Good information.

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Submitted by mtnking on
This brave woman warrior fought for native americans but everyone who has been trodden down or denied justice anywhere. The world is a better place because of her, and we should all try to serve and work for justice, righteousness, truth and common sense to improve this world and help one another like she did. Peace & blessings to her and her family. Peace to all. pdmountainking