This photo captures one of the three trucks that allegedly damaged the Mount McKay Pow Wow Grounds.

Sacred Pow Wow Grounds Desecrated


The Mount McKay Pow Wow Grounds have been desecrated, according to The grounds are located on Fort William First Nation in Ontario.

The website is reporting that a source who was inspecting the sacred grounds over the weekend witnessed three trucks driven by Causasian males driving over and damaging the site. The trucks fled when they saw the witness, but not before she took several photos of the vehicles. According to the CBC, Anishinabek Police Services said it is investigating the incident and will lay charges against at least one person later this week.

The grounds, where the First Nation's annual pow wow is held every July, was heavily damaged by flooding in March, but was recovering. The trucks involved in this incident tore up the land, causing wide destruction.

An image of two trucks allegedly fleeing the pow wow grounds after damaging the sacred site. (

The perpetrators need to be held accountable — but may also need to be educated, Fort William First Nation Chief Georjann Morriseau told the CBC.

“I ... would like to sit with them and be able to talk to them about ... the meaning of our mountain and how those types of actions impact the entire First Nation and how it impacts members individually.”

Morriseau noted the people responsible were not from the First Nation. If the matter proceeds to court, she said she would attend and ask for meaningful restitution.

On May 21, the First Nation banned all off-roading  on their lands. “Fort William First Nations is off limits to your off road activities,” stated Councillor Wyatt Bannon on Twitter.

"It's heart wrenching to know that people would do this,” Chief Morriseau said.

The damage to Mount McKay Pow Wow Grounds allegedly caused by a group of white off-roaders over the weekend. ((Nicole Ireland/CBC)

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Ted Burton (Nanabedokw'm8lsem)'s picture
Ted Burton (Nan...
Submitted by Ted Burton (Nan... on
Vandalism is a matter of me-me-me against the community. These types spray paint on building walls too. It's a general resentment of law and order. That it now affects my 'cousins' in their cultural expressions is awful.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
I am sorry that my people do not understand. I am sorry they have been taught to disrespect. I am sorry they are uneducated and if they have been educated then I am sorry they are stupid.

Barbara Gwin Peltier's picture
Barbara Gwin Peltier
Submitted by Barbara Gwin Peltier on
the ignorance of this astounds me!!

Paul Johnson's picture
Paul Johnson
Submitted by Paul Johnson on
The best punishment would be making them take care of the land while learning why its important and sacred. I have seen judges give such punishments to youth who desecrate churches and/or cemeteries where I come from. It doesn't always work but when it does you usually end up with someone who respects others and their ways-if only because they wouldnt want it to happen to someplace important to them.

James Shearer's picture
James Shearer
Submitted by James Shearer on
When will people grow up, it is actions like this that continue my disappointment in my own race. Many of us aren't like this, we respect others but there are many others that do not. These men are cowards, they would act like babies if they had to protect what is theirs but easily destroy what others love.

sally kelley's picture
sally kelley
Submitted by sally kelley on
Find them and make them repair the runts and replace the sodding for starters. Than hang them by the thumbs.

Bonnie Darling 's picture
Bonnie Darling
Submitted by Bonnie Darling on
uhhhhh huh, well better than our own to desecrate the grounds! We know there not taught to respect others!! (animal or human or the earth sky and water)

Billy Wescogame S.r(Havasupai)'s picture
Billy Wescogame...
Submitted by Billy Wescogame... on
I am a First nation people and allot of times when we pray our Great Grand father knows more about holding those responsible for their actions whether good or bad,But also we as human beings must use all sources to convict and punish those who do such things to our people,we must pray for wisdom and knowledge to find someone who can help to make sure these individuals don't just get a slap on the hand and walk!!

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
i heard about this last night when my friend heard about n he lives in los angeles now i read the daily tbnewswatch as well as the chronicle journal ,,, now have these ppl been charged n why wasn't the public told ,,, shame on these ppl i hope they have to learn the 7 teachings n volenteering at a pow wow n all plus restisution

Ruby doreen Boomhour's picture
Ruby doreen Boomhour
Submitted by Ruby doreen Boomhour on
Its really sad to see the damage to Mount McKay Pow Wow grounds my husband and I both enjoyed the Pow Wow. I remember the friend that road up the mountain and she was pregnant at the time ,back in 1996, we was at a Native Womens Conference . And was excited that the Pow Wow was on. Their was a lady selling moccasins and she said don't buy from them another vendor ,her joking way brought me back to her booth I will give you a good deal they was pretty with mink fur ,and I never seen another pair like them. I only had good memories from the place I'm sure others do also .I'm far away but I still feel the pain you have for the place you once had your Pow Wow .I hope that mother nature will take care of the grounds and justice ,will be served like making the group put the grounds back the way it should be. Someday they will relize what they have done by being in that sacred place and to destroy it. I would love to go back to that place.