Earthquake Shakes Oklahoma

Earthquake Shakes Oklahoma


While there are no reports yet of damage to Indian country, a 4.7-magnitude earthquake—the third-largest in Oklahoma history—shook an area near Oklahoma City. will continue to monitor the situation for any effect on local tribes. More on the weekend's quakes here.

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Submitted by ppmickey on
An even stronger 5.6 earthquake hit about 30-35 miles east of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Saturday evening according to The Weather Channel when we were listening several hours ago. Apparently shaking could be felt for around 30 minutes and was felt as far away as Arkansas, MO, IL, and I think they mentioned Kansas. There has been some damage done, but nothing in particular was mentioned. ppmickey

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Submitted by wilhelmurg on
I was in a friend's house near the Utica Square shopping Center in Midtown Tulsa when it hit. It was about 45 seconds to a minute of rumbling. I have not heard or seen any damage, but it did knock off some action figures off of another friend's shelf. I live in West Tulsa and the night before I was reading when, according to other people, an earthquake rumbled in the Tulsa area, but I didn't feel anything.

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