Video: A Moving Maori War Cry Farewell at Soldiers' Funeral in New Zealand Goes Viral


The video of a moving, passionate haka, a Maori war cry, performed by the comrades of three fallen New Zealand soldiers, has connected with people across the globe.

The New Zealand Herald's Paul Harper wrote about the incredible tribute carried out by the 2nd and 1st Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment for Corporal Luke Tamatea, 31, Lance Corporal Jacinda Baker, 26, and Private Richard Harris, 21, at their funeral service at the Burnham Military Camp in Christchurch on Saturday, August 25.

The video speaks for itself:

The video was put on YouTube by the New Zealand Defence Force, and has now attracted 1,458,635  views (as of this post). Harper writes that the tribute was also tweeted by CNN host Piers Morgan to his 2.6 million followers.

Army spokesman Major John Gordon told the Herald that the haka represented their "outpouring of emotion."

"Our military is a small organization," Gordon told the Herald, "and people tend to all know each other."

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johnhumbert's picture
Submitted by johnhumbert on
I love the Maori. Seeing a haka up close and face to face is a really impressive part of their tradition. They are also have a much better concept of 'quantum" than any group in the U.S., and they have a system of guest houses (morai I believe) so that any Maori traveling always has lodging available. SOmething I wanted to strat here but nobody has that advanced a heart here.

ppmickey's picture
Submitted by ppmickey on
This was the first time I'd ever seen a Maori War Cry, the Haka. It was very moving and they honored their comrades so eloquently. My heart goes out to the families of their fallen comrades and to those soldiers left behind who are mourning the loss of their friends. May they all rest in peace and walk in beauty into paradise.

Joel Flournoy's picture
Joel Flournoy
Submitted by Joel Flournoy on
Would have loved to have seen the dumb asshole church protesters here in America try their crap there . Would have been a massacre . My grateful thanks to the Ones they lost and to the ones who showed this much love and respect . May they now rest in peace . Bless them.

HARRY ANDRUS's picture
Submitted by HARRY ANDRUS on

Elaine Mitchell's picture
Elaine Mitchell
Submitted by Elaine Mitchell on
what a moving inspiration this was. These men paid tribute to there comrades in such an honorable and glorious way. That was the so stunning.

Betty Tsatoke's picture
Betty Tsatoke
Submitted by Betty Tsatoke on
to watch these beautiful brave young men stomp out their hearts and culture to honor their friends was heart stomping..they were not afraid of who was watching and how everyone participated and those who did not kneeled in respect and honor...bless them

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
A send-off that only a true warrior can appreciate. My respects to the Maori and my sympathies to the families of their fallen warriors.

100IndigenousAmerican's picture
Submitted by 100IndigenousAm... on
Respect and love express with all the human movements possible is a beautiful way to send a warrior to the next world. It is a beautiful cultural embrace by the Maori people. It was beautiful to watch...