What Do You Think of the Crazy Horse Monument?

What Do You Think of the Crazy Horse Monument?

Sonny Skyhawk

Even though there are claims to participation and acts of acknowledgement by some of his descendants, the effort has been deemed a commercial venture. It is being touted as a non-profit endeavor, but seems to provide a comfortable living for the family of the sculptor, and what is left over is given in the form of programs or scholarships. There are no photos of Crazy Horse, who died in 1877, so an image being made in the 21st century cannot be accurate. The Lakota consider the effort a folly of sorts.

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poco1962's picture
Submitted by poco1962 on
well you got to give em kudos of sorts for the effort but realistically--when are they going to get it done? And since there are no photos--well who decided what he looked like? Hmmmm........

markhalfmoon's picture
Submitted by markhalfmoon on
That's exactly how I see it. Crazy Horse didn't want his likeness copied. Do many Lakotas think further blasting and digging into Mother Earth in order to reshape the sacred Black Hills to suit man's vanity is a good thing?