Meeting in the Center with Respect


This film deals with the ancient relationship Native Americans have with the northern Colorado region.  This film was put together in order to help protect the ancestral sites and artifacts of the area through Native American voices.  It was produced by the Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center. This new venture is a unique merger of the public Fort Collins Museum and the private Discovery Science Center, with a stated mission to, "Create and maintain a facility and experience that will inspire, educate, and entertain people about science and culture."

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Submitted by janereddeer on
I learned five years ago that I had a percentage of Native American, but have always felt connected to the land in a very spiritual way, must have been genetics playing it's part. I say this because I am fair so it didn't show anything pertaining to Native. This video is very touching and very sacred, it is that sacredness that calls me back to my roots, thank you. Maria