Jason Momoa as Aquaman - DC Comics / Warner Bros.
Native audiences have been treated to a steadily increasing...
Suicide Squad - Photo: DC Comics / Warner Bros.
This was the weekend comic nerds and superhero movie nerds...
Wonder Woman and Native American
He performed stunts in Bury My Heart in Wounded Knee, he...
New Zealand film director, actor and writer Taika Waititi...
Hollywood has a long way to go regarding diversity, but...
The Native Trailblazers Radio Show has announced a call for...
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Arts and Entertainment

From the start of colonial intrusion, the free and original peoples of this hemisphere “have been treated as enemies and dealt with more harshly than any other enemy in any other w...
Chief Lynette Allston - Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia - by Vincent Schilling
Lisa J. Ellwood
Here are this week’s pow wow events across the United States and Canada. View and download the 2016 Pow Wow Magazine here . Check out our Pow Wow listings here ...
Bunky Echo-Hawk - Courtesy NACF
NACF Release, Vincent Schilling
For the sixth year, the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF) has awarded its National Artist Fellowship to 16 artists in five categories selected from a national open call of...
Jason Momoa as Aquaman - DC Comics / Warner Bros.
Vincent Schilling
Native audiences have been treated to a steadily increasing number of Native actors in popular films...
Marcus Amerman beaded work in Sports Illustrated - courtesy photo
Alex Jacobs
Marcus Amerman (Choctaw-Hopi), featured many times in Indian Country Today and other publications as one of the top bead workers in Native American art and design, has again hit th...
Orlando Dugi - SWAIA’s Indian Market.
Alex Jacobs
Some of the best Native designers will again do a whirlwind tour de force runway exhibit in about an hour or so on the first day of SWAIA’s Indian Market...
Ganondagan Festival Smoke dance champion Heath Hill, Oneida - Photo Alex Hamer
Alex Hamer
Ganondagan, (ga·NON·da·gan) a site of a former traditional Seneca village that is located southeast of Rochester, NY recently held their 25th annual Music and Dance Festival...
klee benally - by dominique goodreche
Dominique Godreche
Klee Benally is a Diné musician, traditional dancer, filmmaker, silversmith and well-known Indigenous anarchist who was in Paris recently to perform a few concerts, and present his...
Konnie LeMay
The idea came together, as all good ideas should, in the kitchen. “How it came about was around Leanna’s kitchen table,” recalled Celeste Pedri-Spade...