1993 Clinton Apology
The people in Bemidji, Minnesota are on a path to...
One of the biggest challenges for indigenous people in...
Red Cloud Peace Pipe LOC
Born in 1822, Red Cloud was an Oglala Lakota war leader,...
“No one has ever asked me before,” the elder explained. “...
Strawberry Festival Elder Berries
It was a small, but sweet gathering for Strawberry...
Makah Whalers 1910 Wikipedia
It was overcast and drizzling the morning of May 17, 1999...
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American Indian History

Sarah Sunshine Manning
All March long, it is Women’s History Month. Surely, indigenous women are a part of this devoted month as well...

John Gulizia of John Gulizia Foto FX specializes in portraits, image restoration, and colorization.

Rick Kearns
Activists are looking for descendants of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School to get their input for development of a Heritage Center at the farmhouse located in the present-day A...
Aryana Henthorne Fence Cultural Sherwood Valley Pomo
Marc Dadigan
As a Tribal Historic and Preservation Officer (THPO), Hillary Renick has to wield the expertise of many fields in order to help protect her tribe’s historical villages, ancestral r...
Steve Russell
Andrew Jackson the Indian fighter was a working class hero in his time...
Ireland Blooms Leprechauns
Christina Rose
What’s more Irish than a leaping, green-garbed leprechaun, hoisting a pint of ale and stashing his gold coins at the bottom of a rainbow? Pretty much anything...
Famine Memorial Dublin Photocall
Christina Rose
The British over the centuries were equal opportunity offenders when it came to colonizing other cultures...
1790 Treaty of New York
Muscogee (Creek) Nation
A Muscogee (Creek) Nation delegation will travel to Washington, D.C...
Theresa Braine
A mournful song echoes through the exhibit hall, similar perhaps to sounds that once drifted across the Great Plains...
Cherokee Elder Ed Wilson
Born on December 22, 1931, Cherokee Elder Ed Wilson has, as he says “been around the block a few times.” In this interview with the Cherokee Nation he talks about swimming holes in...