Eight huge canoes arrived at Kettle Falls in northern...
With the American public eager to see what the disastrous...
For American Indians, as in many communities, joining the...
Editor’s note: Voters this year will elect the 45th...
A newly released book is helping reshape a subject little...
Seminole War in Everglades
The tragedy that occurred in Orlando in the early morning...
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American Indian History

distribution of Mounds Wisconsin Historical Society
The State of Wisconsin is currently considering legislation designated AB 620 that would permit the opening of pre-historic burial mounds for exploration, mining and other commerci...
Indian Student Placement Program Spencer Kimball
Alysa Landry
Editor’s note: This is the first in a three-part series about the Indian Student Placement Program, a foster-care and education program for Native youths administered by the Church...
Heim Effigy Mound
Pam Hughes
The Ho-Chunk Nation has been in a legal tussle with a Dane County mining company that wants to destroy a state-protected burial mound in one of its limestone quarries to get the ag...
George Washington
Alysa Landry
Editor’s note: Voters this year will elect the 45 th president of the United States...
Mark R. Day
Caroline Ward Holland and her son, Kagen, stood before a crowd of 100 Native Americans at the Los Angeles Worker Center on December 27...
Mary Annette Pember
Thomas Munson, the retired National Park Service superintendent who pled guilty to stealing ancient Native remains from the Effigy National Monument in Iowa, will pay over $108,000...
Between Christmas and New Year's, we looked back at 2015, saw record flooding on the Cherokee Nation and saw the Yurok tell gene splicers to cut it out...
Patti Jo King
In 1889, the pronouncements of Paiute mystic Wovoka sparked hope of the dawning of a new age among Western tribes; an age that promised an end to Euro-American oppression and a ret...
Captured Abduction of Squanto
Christina Rose
The history of Native slavery in New England is finally breaking through after centuries of silence...
Modern Cucurbita Squashes
Tanya H. Lee
The Three Sisters fundamental to the traditional diet of many American Indian tribes may have been just two without the ingenuity of ancient Indigenous Peoples living in what is no...