Ledger drawings by Red Horse, a Minneconjou Lakota Sioux...
John Quincy Adams
Editor’s note: Voters this year will elect the 45th...
Carlisle Students Wikipedia
The Rosebud Sioux community is trying to bring back their...
Fry Bread Done
Of all the foods most commonly associated with Native...
Fur Traders Canada 1777
The expression “colonization” has gained a great amount of...
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American Indian History

Steve Russell
Arvol Looking Horse, who needs no introduction in these pages, filed a petition in November 2014 to change the name of Devils Tower back to the traditional name translated to Engli...
Bear River Archaeology View From Bluff
Christina Rose
An archaeological exploration of the Bear Creek Massacre grounds, where 450 Northwestern Shoshone men, women, and children were killed on January 29, 1863, has been approved by the...
Christine Grabowski, Ph.D.
There is a scurrilous fabrication being disseminated by the Catholic Church regarding Junípero Serra, the missionary whom Pope Francis intends to canonize on September 23, 2015...
On the eve of Pope Francis’s visit to Turtle Island later this month, a primer is in order, and the new documentary The Doctrine of Discovery: Unmasking the Domination Code is the ...
What began as routine construction for a shopping mall near Seattle has turned into a major archaeological find...
Blood Run Nature Area
Harlan McKosato
The Big Sioux River provides the borderline between northwestern Iowa and southeastern South Dakota...
The White Mountain Apache Tribe will get $84,468 in Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) funds for the repatriation of remains and sacred objects, the Na...
Monycka Bella Snowbird Milking Goat
Taté Walker
Monycka Snowbird is one among a growing number of Native people and organizations in the United States both on and off tribal land committed to leading clean, sustainable, and cult...
George Gillete Fort Berthold Missouri River Dam
Christina Rose
The Oak Flat land grab is just one of many acts of the federal government that has seized Indian land or despoiled it...