Kamaka Family Portrait
The soundtrack to many a Hawaiian daydream includes the...
Author and historian Brenda J. Child has won the Jon Gjerde...
Five Four Corners-area tribes have united to propose a 1.9...
Wounded Knee Frizzell Indians
As Peace Makers in tribal court, it is ultimately important...
“We don’t have a word for hero. But you can say a hero is...
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American Indian History

Terri Hansen
While there is a need for good science–based environmental books, the detailed data in some texts is enough to make the everyday reader’s head spin...
Paula Dobbyn
Mist and drizzle drenched Hydaburg, Alaska, in July as tribal citizens and guests gathered for a powerful display of culture...
Billy Frank Fishing Nisqually River
Frank Hopper
When Billy Frank Jr. was first arrested for fishing with a gillnet on the Nisqually River in 1945, he was just a 14-year-old boy...
iStock Native American Man Gangs
Christina Rose
Historical trauma has taken its toll on Native people, and Clayton Small, Northern Cheyenne, founder of Native Prevention, Research, Intervention, Development, and Education, or Na...
Steve Russell
Britain’s Sunday Times ran an article by Norman Lewis in 1969 titled, with stark simplicity, “ Genocide .” Lewis told the story of the destruction being wreaked upon Brazilian trib...
Amazon River Oxbow
Steve Russell
We call it the European Invasion but modern academics have a more anodyne term, “Columbian Encounter.” Whatever you call it, the civilizations invaded or encountered left physical ...
Dine College 2015 Navajo Oral History Project Filming
The life stories of four Navajo elders are featured in student-made documentary films that will be premiered at Diné college in Tsaile, Arizona on September 14 at 5 p.m...
Osage Ballet Slipper Moccs Deanna Lambert
Pope Francis is scheduled to attend a performance by the Osage Ballet during his visit to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next month...
Reports, and a video, have surfaced claiming that protesters decrying the Oak Flat land grab and other disrespect to Indians allegedly perpetrated by John McCain ran his cavalcade ...
Loonsfoot Family
Hannah Schmidt
The sun set below the tree canopy. I sat tracing lines in the dirt with my fingers while a sacred fire burned beside me...