Sherry Pocknett Clams Thanksgiving
Paula Peters, Wampanoag tribal member, finds American...
Treaty of Canandaigua 2015 Alex Hamer Crowd
Members of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee and the U.S...
Sherri LaChapelle Basket Strips College of Menominee Nation
Ancient Native arts and technology are bringing a cultural...
George Billie News Press
A flock of birds landed in a large oak tree at the Seminole...
Billy Frank Jr.
Billy Frank Jr. (1931-2014) fought Washington State to...
Thanksgiving BuzzFeed Books
Indian country ally Chris Lam, of BuzzFeed, is at it again—...
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American Indian History

AP Children Explorers Columbus Day Parade 2012
Steve Russell
Alberto Cribiore, the Grand Marshal of this year’s Columbus Day Parade, disappeared about $50 billion of other people’s money without apparent personal inconvenience, since he deca...
From a California state ban on use of the "R Word" in public schools, to various prizes awarded for Native artistry, the week was a full one, with lots of victories...
Tanya H. Lee
From the Northern Plains to the Southwestern deserts, American Indian groups are working to correct historic falsehoods and demanding acknowledgement of what the “discovery” of thi...
Oregon Pioneer Uniform Lewis Clark Duck
David G. Lewis
The “Oregon Pioneer” uniforms are being rolled out for the University of Oregon football game against Washington State University October 10...
Valerie Taliman
It was a day of cultural pride, stirring speeches and partnerships for positive social change...
The Red Nation Albuquerque Indigenous Peoples Day
Nick Estes
October 7, 2015 is historic for Natives of Albuquerque...
Valerie Taliman
Native American Day in California saw stirring speeches, displays of cultural pride, and drew hundreds of participants...
Christopher Columbus Spain World History Archive National Catholic Reporter
Steve Russell
The organizers of the Christopher Columbus honoring have sold their historical bill of goods well, and they promise “35,000 marchers...
Frances Dinkelspiel
When Pope Francis made Father Junipero Serra a saint at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C...
Dyami Thomas Portland City Council
Jacqueline Keeler
On October 7, the Portland City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution to “Declare the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day in the City of Portland.” Portland...