Sherry Pocknett Clams Thanksgiving
Paula Peters, Wampanoag tribal member, finds American...
Treaty of Canandaigua 2015 Alex Hamer Crowd
Members of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee and the U.S...
Sherri LaChapelle Basket Strips College of Menominee Nation
Ancient Native arts and technology are bringing a cultural...
George Billie News Press
A flock of birds landed in a large oak tree at the Seminole...
Billy Frank Jr.
Billy Frank Jr. (1931-2014) fought Washington State to...
Thanksgiving BuzzFeed Books
Indian country ally Chris Lam, of BuzzFeed, is at it again—...
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American Indian History

Natives at Dartmouth IPD Signs
Jacqueline Keeler
Once again Dartmouth College, home of the Ivy League’s largest Native American student program was in the news in a negative light...
Harlan McKosato
Albuquerque was one of many cities in the U.S. to proclaim the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples’ Day, basically shunning the traditional Columbus Day celebration...
Theresa Braine
It took a year of investigation to finally nail Mammoth Lakes, Calif...
sunrise Ceremony Aztec Dancer
Nanette Deetz
A Sunrise Ceremony was held on Indigenous Peoples’ Day at Alcatraz Island to celebrate “523 years of indigenous resistance, honor our ancestors and future generations,” according t...
Bayard Johnson
In 1992, Russell Means came to Hollywood with his first movie role in Last of the Mohicans ...
Alaska Indigenous Peoples Day Lt Governor Bryan Mallott
This October 12 was momentous in Alaska, both Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Alaska Gov...
In response to a multitude of requests in emails and on social media, ICTMN’s Vincent Schilling has created and posted his latest video on his YouTube channel entitled Horrible, Tr...
Indigenous Peoples Day Aztec Dancers
Nanette Deetz
The city of Berkeley, California celebrated the 23rd Annual Indigenous Peoples’ Day Powwow as an official holiday on October 10. Berkeley was the first city in the U.S...
AP Children Explorers Columbus Day Parade 2012
Steve Russell
Alberto Cribiore, the Grand Marshal of this year’s Columbus Day Parade, disappeared about $50 billion of other people’s money without apparent personal inconvenience, since he deca...
From a California state ban on use of the "R Word" in public schools, to various prizes awarded for Native artistry, the week was a full one, with lots of victories...