The word “termination” is enough to make any knowledgeable...
Denali National Park View Mountain
Mount McKinley is no more. President Barack Obama announced...
Roanoke Island Map Wikipedia
The English settlement of what is now part of North...
Mist and drizzle drenched Hydaburg, Alaska, in July as...
Billy Frank Fishing Nisqually River
When Billy Frank Jr. was first arrested for fishing with a...
iStock Native American Man Gangs
Historical trauma has taken its toll on Native people, and...
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American Indian History

Mary Annette Pember
It was a long time coming, but the words that residential school survivors and their loved ones had long awaited were finally uttered...
As nearly 10,000 walkers thronged through the streets of Ottawa on May 31 to recognize the suffering of residential school students, it was acknowledged that the work of the Truth ...
What happened to Indigenous Peoples in Canada was nothing short of “cultural genocide,” Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said in a recent speech...
Edward Lamoureux Lucianne Lavin Book Signing 2013
Christina Rose
Lucianne Lavin’s book, “ Connecticut’s Indigenous Peoples ” is a history book, an archaeology text, and an honoring of Indigenous People’s relationship with the land, their spiritu...
Cesar Chavez AP
Dr. Dean Chavers
In 1970, I started in the Ph.D. program in Communication Research at Stanford University. I was in a class of 17—it was about the smartest group of people I have ever been around...
Four Horn Ram June 2013 Sheep is Life Celebration
Lee Allen
Don’t say “baa” when you hear that, for Navajos Diné bí' íína' (Sheep is Life), and calls for a celebration of sheep, wool, and weaving—all of it honoring the central role of sheep...
Inuit Hut Family Edward Curtis
Alex Ewen
A new paper published on April 29, 2015 in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology suggests that all Inuit peoples originally came from the northernmost part of Alaska, in th...
Decolonial Atlas Arapaho Map
Alysa Landry
Alaska Natives have at least eight different names for the highest mountain peak in North America...
Mashpee Nine Documentary People
In anticipation of the 40 th anniversary of the police raid on a group of Native American drummers, the documentary “Mashpee Nine: The Beat Goes On” will be filmed this summer...