It was a day of mixed feelings after Prime Minister Justin...
Chanie - The Secret Path - Source: YouTube screen capture
Tonight, Dec. 2, at 9:30 p.m., North Park Theatre in...
There were tears, cheers and smiles from ear to ear in the...
When Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, Chippewa of Georgina...
Janet Rogers and her newest book ‘Totem Poles and Railroads’ Photo: Blaire Russell
Defining the 500-year-old relationship between Indigenous...
My grandkids do not jones for cars like I did. They only...
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A still of Artist Annie Pootoogook at the IAIA Museum. Photo: Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs
Annie Pootoogook - an artist well-known for her lively, in-the-moment, brave, often disturbing and ground-breaking artwork - was a major star in Canada and appreciated by the Inuit...
Kristin Butler
In 2009, on Kootenai tribal territory in the Idaho Panhandle, the last remaining caribou in the contiguous United States took a severe drop from 46 down to 12 animals...
Cary Rosenbaum
There are many types of warriors in Indian Country. There are those who work to stay with the families, friends and fellow tribal members to contribute...
Reuel S. Amdur
Not good enough...
Even though the visit didn’t go quite as planned, the coastal community of Bella Bella in the Great Bear Rainforest, welcomed Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate, the Duche...
The United Tribal work group says the International Joint Commission’s involvement is needed now to ensure there are adequate safeguards to protect the salmon-rich Stikine (pictured), Taku and Unuk rivers from potential mining risks upstream in British Co
Richard Walker
UPDATED SEPTEMBER 17: To include Lt. Gov. Byron Mallot's office response to concerns by the United Tribal Transboundary Mining Work Group...
Vincent Schilling
Mohawk Ironworkers is a new 13-part half hour documentary series that APTN says celebrates the steely determination of the Mohawk ironworkers of Kahnawake, Akwesasne and Six Nation...
Adam Beach is one of many actors and notables taking a stance on NoDAPL.
Vincent Schilling
Efforts to stop the North Dakota access pipeline are increasing at a notable pace since the appearance of Shailene Woodley, Susan Sarandon and Riley Keough in Washington D.C...
Gearl - YouTube
Alex Cano
Originating in the streets of the Bronx in the early 70’s, the earliest forms of hip-hop music were blasted on street corners and shared at community block parties...
 A Tribe Called Red - ALie Nation, from We Are The Halluci Nation
Vincent Schilling
Featuring the poetic words of the late John Trudell, A Tribe Called Red has just released their latest video, for a song track entitled ALie Nation , from their upcoming third albu...