Sherri LaChapelle Basket Strips College of Menominee Nation
Ancient Native arts and technology are bringing a cultural...
Rutgers Protest Revolutionary
A newly formed committee at Rutgers University is charged...
Students Johns Hopkins
The Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health...
Navajo Technical University Students
Tribal colleges face different challenges and a greater...
Wayne State University Campus Fall
Wayne State University has announced a program to provide...
Evergreen Longhouse Procession Git Hoan Dancers
The young one danced the Chief’s Headdress Dance and the...
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College News

Vincent Schilling
One week after 19-year-old Native American student Chiitaanibah Johnson of California State University, Sacramento says she was disenrolled from her U.S...
Vincent Schilling
A representative from Sacramento State’s News Services department has released a statement to ICTMN regarding the incident in which history professor allegedly told his class he di...
Vincent Schilling
Within a few hours of posting that a Cal State Sacramento University Professor allegedly told his United States History class he did not like the term ‘genocide’ in relation to Nat...
Vincent Schilling
A Cal State Sacramento University professor who allegedly told his United States History class he did not like the term ‘genocide’ in relation to Native Americans in history, told ...
Navajo Technical University Volunteers Facebook
The U.S. Department of Education announced Friday, August 28, the award of more than $50.4 million in grants to support tribal colleges and universities in a dozen states...
Kelly Fayard
Kelly Fayard, an enrolled member of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, was recently appointed as the director of the Native American Cultural Center and assistant dean at Yale Unive...
Frank Pommersheim
Author and professor Frank Pommersheim will serve as the second annual Walter R...
UC Boulder STEM Mold Samplers
Tanya H. Lee
Eleven high school students and one recent college grad from the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota are looking at homes in their community from a new perspective following ...
Dine College 2015 Navajo Oral History Project Filming
The life stories of four Navajo elders are featured in student-made documentary films that will be premiered at Diné college in Tsaile, Arizona on September 14 at 5 p.m...
Duke University Hoof Horn 1959
Dr. Dean Chavers
I really wanted to attend Duke University when I finished high school in 1959. But they turned me down...