Ledger drawings by Red Horse, a Minneconjou Lakota Sioux...
In April 2009, faculty at Brown University in Providence,...
Leanne Falcon University of Montana
Incoming University of Montana graduate student Leanne...
Midway through the college basketball season, a host of...
Native American Studies Department Montana State University
One of the rules observed by indigenous nations is that...
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College News

2014 IAIA Karita Coffey Carolyn Taylor
Alysa Landry
Nearly 4,000 students have graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts , but no two individuals have had the same experience...
iStock College Graduates Selfie
Tanya H. Lee
Finding the right college got a lot easier earlier this month when the U.S...
Robin Cummings UNC Pembroke
Alysa Landry
As a Lumbee Indian living in Robeson County, North Carolina, Robin Cummings grew up in the shadow of the state’s historically American Indian university...
It looks like a Venn diagram on meth, or the jagged skyline of an exotic city in another dimension. Given its content, it could contain both...
Susan Taffe Reed Dartmouth
Jacqueline Keeler
The recent appointment by Dartmouth College of Susan Taffe Reed, President of the Eastern Delaware Nation , a non-profit entity, to the position of Native American Program director...
University of Oklahoma Campus
Lindsay Early was raised in Cache, Oklahoma as a proud member of the Comanche Nation...
Vincent Schilling
One week after 19-year-old Native American student Chiitaanibah Johnson of California State University, Sacramento says she was disenrolled from her U.S...
Vincent Schilling
A representative from Sacramento State’s News Services department has released a statement to ICTMN regarding the incident in which history professor allegedly told his class he di...
Vincent Schilling
Within a few hours of posting that a Cal State Sacramento University Professor allegedly told his United States History class he did not like the term ‘genocide’ in relation to Nat...
Vincent Schilling
A Cal State Sacramento University professor who allegedly told his United States History class he did not like the term ‘genocide’ in relation to Native Americans in history, told ...