Navajo Technical University Volunteers Facebook
The U.S. Department of Education announced Friday, August...
AIS PREP Logic Map
Eager for a summer of learning, Native American students...
UC Boulder STEM Mold Samplers
Eleven high school students and one recent college grad...
Ish Kaysh Tripp Morongo Scholarship
This year four students were awarded the Rodney T. Mathews...
Living Legends Erin Tapahe Brigham Young University
I knew I was signing up for an adventure when I tried out...
All Nations Basketball Camp allan Bertram
Two hundred American Indian high school kids from five...
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Indian Country Education Today

Sitting around an oval table in a small hotel conference room with sweating water glasses and colorful tea packets,

The American Indian College Fund (

Every year, one player from NCAA men's and women's lacrosse is presented the The Tewaaraton Award, marking them as the player of the year (for a list of past winners of this presti...
Leeanne Root
A new American Indian language app hit the iTunes store January 20 that features translations of animal names from English to Diné, Lakota, Mvskoke and Ponca...
Carol Berry
At least one Native from the Denver area thinks the University of Colorado-Boulder’s (CU) stench-based approach to curtailing a marijuana celebration April 20 is a tempest in a tea...
The Udall Foundation recently announced the 12 students, each from a different tribe, chosen for the 2012 Native American Congressional Internships ...

Among the red brick buildings on the

The University of California, Riverside (UCR) recently agreed to commit $70,000 a year for three years to setting up an education and outreach program to steer Native American yout...
Don Stryker
It is incomprehensible that in this data-driven age of accountability the U.S...
Ruth Roessel, who will forever be remembered for her work founding two schools on the Navajo Nation reservation with her husband, Robert Roessel Sr., walked on Friday, April 13 in ...