Sherri LaChapelle Basket Strips College of Menominee Nation
Ancient Native arts and technology are bringing a cultural...
Rutgers Protest Revolutionary
A newly formed committee at Rutgers University is charged...
AIGC Karen Lee Bronwyn Bitsilly Ashley Krueger
The higher education industry is booming. According to the...
Miwok Pride Wilton YoungStars
Wilton Rancheria, a federally recognized tribe located in...
Native students at Yale joined more than 1,000 people to...
Jimmy Santiago Baca
Jimmy Santiago Baca checks his watch before leaning back on...
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Indian Country Education Today

iStock College Graduates Selfie
Tanya H. Lee
Finding the right college got a lot easier earlier this month when the U.S...
Robin Cummings UNC Pembroke
Alysa Landry
As a Lumbee Indian living in Robeson County, North Carolina, Robin Cummings grew up in the shadow of the state’s historically American Indian university...
iStock Are You Ready
Tanya H. Lee
The U.S. Department of Education is investing $5.3 million to help Native American youth prepare for post-secondary opportunities in higher education and in the job market...
Isleta Pueblo Governor Torres
Tanya H. Lee
Isleta Pueblo has taken over the Isleta Elementary School, which since its founding in the 1890s had been under the control of the federal government...
Vincent Schilling
A Native 7-year-old second grader attending school at the Washington County School district in Santa Clara, Utah was sent home last week because his traditional Mohawk hairstyle wa...
Renée Roman Nose
A recent study conducted at Oregon State University has documented “Indian time” as a three-dimensional construct growing out of the interplay between climate and traditional ecolo...
President Barack Obama will honor two Native women as Champions of Change on Tuesday September 15, in a ceremony that will be broadcast live online ...
University of Oklahoma Campus
Lindsay Early was raised in Cache, Oklahoma as a proud member of the Comanche Nation...
IHS Scholarship Program
Vincent Schilling
The world of student loans can be a foreboding process, but with students hearing horror stories about students fresh out of college who are burdened with loan debt, the best thing...
Tanya H. Lee
New AP US History Exam Perpetuates Lies About Native Americans Tanya H. Lee American exceptionalism is back...