Unified Students of Humboldt
The Unified Students of Humboldt, a group of Native...
Mike Anecia Toyukak Math in a Cultural Context
Seated on a couch in their house in Manokotak, in Alaska’s...
Grand Forks Eagle Feather
For more than 20 years the three high schools within Grand...
We have seen how the argument that affirmative action in...
Tour for Humanity
The Tour for Humanity, created by the Friends of Simon...
Everybody knows the general attack on affirmative action in...
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Indian Country Education Today

White House Initiative on American Indian Education Listening Tour
Tanya H. Lee
What William Mendoza found during the Department of Education’s first-ever cross-country listening tour was encouraging—schools that were trying to be more sensitive to American In...
NLM Native Voices the Physician
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we all know the story told to many schoolchildren about the pilgrims and Indians isn’t true...
As Thanksgiving descends upon us yet again and we wince as the plethora of misinformation about the holiday starts falling like snowflakes in a polar vortex, one might start search...
St. Joseph's Indian School Mailings
Christina Rose
Recently, CNN released a report on the fundraising practices of the St. Joseph's Indian School in Chamberlain, South Dakota...
Debbie Reese
U.S. Presidents have proclaimed November as Native American Month for 13 years. Such months have their good and bad sides...
Much has been written and said about books depicting American Indians that fall short either by branding them as savages, or overly romanticizing them...
Native Warriors Basketball Program
Richard Walker
The Urban Native Education Alliance is using a $31,300 grant from the Notah Begay III Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles and physical activity among urban Native youth...
Pilgrims and Indians
Alysa Landry
It’s time to break out the construction paper and synthetic feathers...
Hawaiian Sea Urchins
Kapiʻolani Community College
SACNAS was founded in 1973 by a group of minority scientists and later incorporated in 1986 under the name of Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, I...