iStock Crying Embracing
Sometimes I think I grew up in a family of crybabies....
Cherokee Elder Bruce Ross
Cherokee Elder Bruce Ross talks about growing up on a 50-...
Loonsfoot Family
The sun set below the tree canopy. I sat tracing lines in...
Mark M Beatty
Mark M. Beatty, 56, of Ohio, pleaded guilty August 5 to...
Cherokee Elder Thelma Vann Forrest
Cherokee Elder Thelma Vann Forrest talks about how she and...
University of Arizona Connectedness Study
How do you define “home?” “Home is where one starts from”...
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Forget me not John Manokotak Give Hope
Frank Hopper
On June 12 Jerry Marsha Riley posted a picture of her brother Johnny Nagasiak to the Anchorage-based Facebook group, Forget me not ...
Lelah Mae Cummings Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Elder Lelah Mae Cummings didn’t start going to school until she was around 8 years old because she and her family lived so far away...
Anne Minard
A coalition of 24 Native American tribes working to create a conservation area would be strong...
TRC Commissioners
Gale Courey Toensing
Denise Yarmal Altvater, a member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Sipayik (Pleasant Point, Maine) stepped onto the pages of history four years ago when she talked at a public ceremony...
Kennewick Man Clay Model
In a letter sent to the U.S...
Makah Whalers 1910 Wikipedia
Frank Hopper
It was overcast and drizzling the morning of May 17, 1999 when Theron Parker and the eight-man crew of the canoe, Hummingbird , saw a solitary 30-foot long gray whale in the waters...
Hans Tammemagi
As National Aboriginal Day dawns, Indigenous Peoples across Canada are wondering: Now that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) report with its barrage of 94 far-reachin...
It’s no secret that Turtle Island was heavily populated when European explorers arrived here more than 500 years ago...
Kevin Taylor
Final analysis of 9,000-year-old ancient DNA published June 18 shows The Ancient One is indeed an ancestor of present day Native Americans—as Indians have said all along...