Conditions that rise to the level of malpractice at Indian...
KivaSun Bison Jerky
Just in time for American Heart Month, Native American-...
Since October 30, 2015, KivaSun Foods has distributed 150,000 pounds of bison to Native communities through FDPIR commodity food packages. The company will provide 520,000 pounds of bison to FDPIR by June 30, 2016.
Last year, after a persistent battle to gain the United...
Fry Bread Done
Of all the foods most commonly associated with Native...
Longtime Sanders, Arizona, resident Wayne Lynch was told in...
In the wake of a landmark ruling on human rights and...
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Health & Wellness

Saffron Harvesting Iran Wikipedia
Dale Carson
How many times have you taken a bite of something and said, “oh, my god, what is that herb (or spice), this is fantastic!” You may know right off the bat or it may be a subtle thin...
Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation will begin dispersing its limited supply of heirloom seeds to tribal citizens interested in growing traditional Cherokee crops and plants starting February 1...
RoseMary Diaz
Welcome to the fourth and final installment of “Turning Over a Few New Leaves,” a four-part series of recipes inspired by traditional, seasonal forageable foods from the four major...
Suzette Brewer
In a unanimous decision January 25, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling against the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin in Menominee v...
iStock Corn Chowder
Dale Carson
Wouldn’t it be awful if we didn’t eat together? I don’t mean every time we eat, but often enough to engage in conversation, to laugh, enjoy the tastes, share, and even celebrate...
Beyond-prohibitive food prices in Canada’s north are no joke, but these fake grocery ads have succeeded in bringing attention to a devastating nutritional problem with their deadpa...
Tooth Fairy Smile Drive
Kristina Hyatt, Miss Native American USA 2015-16, is teaming up with America’s ToothFairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation to reach out to Native children across the cou...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
Cold season is upon us, and cruddy noses, puffy eyes and red noses dot our communities like hot swarms of radioactivity. Stay faaaar away from the puffy eyes and red noses...
Miss Indian Arizona, Shasta Dazen with Keynote Speaker Celina Mahinalani Garza (Ability360)
A summit in Arizona in March promises to deliver an educational and memorable experience that will inspire and celebrate the power and spirit of resilience among American Indians w...
Christina Rose
Colonization left a legacy of oppression that continues to affect reservations and communities at home, in schools, the workplace, and more...