Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 30...
Inuit Greenland Hunger AP
For years the American Heart Association has suggested...
The Navajo Nation is facing a health emergency after a...
Zigmund Hollow Horn National Catholic Reporter
Zigmund Hollow Horn sat inside the deanery of a small...
Candace Ducheneaux National Catholic Reporter
Candace Ducheneaux, a Lakota Indian with gray-streaked hair...
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Health & Wellness

Asparagus Quiche
Dale Carson
It feels so good to write the word “spring”—even thinking about planting is exciting. The air smells different, birds are singing songs while the sun smiles down on the earth...
The Notah Begay III Foundation’s (NB3) Native Strong: Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures program, has awarded $80,000 to two Native nonprofits, according to a press release...
Salish Integrative Oncology Care Center
Richard Walker
This is the new look of cancer treatment: A blend of modern oncology and natural healing through lifestyle, nutrition, and traditional methods such as acupuncture, botanical medici...
Lynn Armitage
I’m not a smoker, never have been. Unless you count all the candy cigarettes I inhaled as a teenager...
House of Frybread Indian Taco
Vincent Schilling
Jason Hill grew up on the rez in Camp Antelope, a few miles from Coleville, California...
Mark Trahant
The best case for Medicaid expansion in Alaska is being delivered by Valerie Davidson...
Evie Ruddy, Briarpatch Magazine
Editor’s Note: Last month a jury acquitted a man accused of murdering an indigenous sex worker in an Edmonton hotel room, despite the four-inch-long laceration inside her vagina th...
Christina Rose
For many women, rape is a crime where the after-effects of PTSD, even years later, can be as bad as the assault itself...
Baby Cleft Lip
Tanya H. Lee
No family is ever truly prepared to have their obstetrician tell them an ultrasound has revealed their unborn child has a birth defect...
Junk Food
Alysa Landry
Be prepared to pay a little bit extra for that bag of Hot Cheetos...