When a friend brought over a copy of The Revenant I was...
In the wake of a landmark ruling on human rights and...
Deer Mice Hantavirus
A 17-year-old Navajo girl has died of Hantavirus Pulmonary...
Reprinted with permission from The Tyee. Fresh from victory...
The Cherokee Nation will begin dispersing its limited...
In a unanimous decision January 25, the U.S. Supreme Court...
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Health & Wellness

Earth Guardians is dedicated to growing a resilient movement with youth at the forefront by empowering them as leaders and amplifying their impact.
Honor the Earth has released $90,000 in new grants to Indigenous organizations in North America and the Pacific...
iStock Dates Cream Cheese Walnuts
Dale Carson
A new year means a fresh start, if we make it so. The weather the past few months has been so weird...
The Yurok Tribe has passed a tribal ordinance banning genetically engineered organisms such as GMO corn or altered salmon from its territory...
Manitoba Elders, Turtle Lodge
Ogichi Tibakonigaywin, Kihche’othasowewin, Tako Wakan: The Great Binding Law Written at Turtle Lodge By Oshoshko Bineshiikwe – Blue Thunderbird Woman, Osawa Aki Ikwe (Florence Payn...
iStock Breakfast Burrito
Dale Carson
“The most important meal of the day,” “you can’t run on empty,” and similar phrases describe how we feel about breakfast...
Indigenous Terra Madre Harvest Dances
Rucha Chitnis
At an ancient sacred grove in Mawphlang, orchids bloomed on towering evergreen trees. Our guide picked a fallen rudraksha seed that is used as a prayer bead and medicine...
SMSC Chairman Charlie Vig (left) talks with Janie Hipp (Chickasaw), director of the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative at The University of Arkansas (Courtesy EchoHawk Consulting)
Kristin Butler
Culture is prevention. Cultural reclamation is itself a healthy eating intervention...
Suzette Brewer
National Drug Control Policy Director Michael Botticelli announced a new initiative in collaboration with Indian Health Service (IHS) and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Wednesd...
State of Obesity 2015
Tanya H. Lee
The Trust for America’s Health has issued its 2015 report on obesity in the U.S., and there’s no good news for the American Indian/Alaska Native community...
iStock Fresh Cranberries
Dale Carson
Cranberries are so totally Native American and versatile—even more so now that dried cranberries are as widely available as fresh...