iStock Diet Soda Ice
Regular soda is loaded with calories, so maybe you switched...
Brown Dog Tick
Preventing Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, an often-fatal...
The Pueblo of Santa Ana’s water-quality programs are now...
These days “new” money is hard to find. That’s the kind of...
Let's Stop HIV Together
I am a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma living...
Feeding Ourselves Grandma Salmon
Tribal sovereignty means food sovereignty, according to a...
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Health & Wellness

Margaret Jacobs A Generation Removed
Tanya H. Lee
Margaret Jacobs, professor of history and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, won the Bancroft Prize for her book White Mothe...
Suzette Brewer
On Friday, November 21 another hearing is scheduled in the Iowa District Court in Plymouth County in an interstate custody showdown that has sparked national outrage among tribes a...
The American Indian College Fund is featuring six Native recipes to help families prepare for a wonderful family dinner, whether it’s for Thanksgiving or any time...
Native Warriors Basketball Program
Richard Walker
The Urban Native Education Alliance is using a $31,300 grant from the Notah Begay III Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles and physical activity among urban Native youth...
Mike Williams
Richard Walker
Mike Williams Sr., an Alaska Native political leader and veteran of 15 Iditarods, has mushed to promote sobriety...
Victoria Robinson and Dr. Marva E. King, EPA
The U.S...
Almond Health and Nutrition
Dale Carson
California’s Central Valley produces most of the world’s almonds, as much as 80 percent...
Battling Diabetes
Catherine Keene
Editor’s note: This is the second of two articles by the author—a healthcare specialist and former facility director at the Indian Health Service...
CDC Car Seat
“You can stay safe on the road by wearing seat belts whenever you’re in the car,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden says in the video...
Mark Fogarty
When Congress approved the Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act in 1996, turning over control of federal housing assistance to tribes, it was a big home ru...