Tillie is everything they said she would be. Soft and...
Small Group Funders Roundtable
For the first time, dozens of major philanthropic...
Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians
There have been many attempts by the U.S. mental health...
Navajo Iconic Monument Valley
The land of the Navajo people is described as a “haven of...
Students Johns Hopkins
The Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health...
Navajo Midwife Nicolle Gonzales
Nicolle Gonzales wants to transform the way Native women...
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Health & Wellness

Carol Tiger Muscogee You All Eat
Carol Tiger, Muscogee Creek, has been cooking since she was 8 or 9 years old “because mom and dad had to go to work” she says in Kirk Bell’s film Hompvks Ce "You All Eat,” posted t...
Chelsey Luger
On one hand, everybody’s all motivated to work out right now because we’re freshly committed to our New Year’s resolutions and focused on emerging from the depths of holiday lazine...
Groundbreaking Official Loma Linda University Health San Manuel
Loma Linda University Health
A landmark $10 million gift from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians was announced recently during groundbreaking ceremonies for Loma Linda University Health – San Bernardino, t...
Terri Hansen
The World Resources Institute is about to release its annual forecast of stories to watch for in the coming year. Indian Country Today Media Network has compiled one of our own...
Smoke in Lungs iStock
Alysa Landry
Hoping for returns that are both financial and medical, the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria has invested in blood testing for the early detection of lung cancer...
Johnathan Lumibao Navajo Technical University
Navajo Technical University
On December 11, 2014, Navajo Technical University nursing instructors Shawnadine Becenti and Jonathan Lumibao graduated with Master’s of Nursing degrees from the University of New ...
Lynn Armitage
In domestic violence situations, our empathy and concern is usually for the adult victim...
Chelsey Luger
“Beauty's only skin deep. Everybody has ugly days. We're all made of the same stuff underneath. Acting right is better than looking right...
Pascual Rodriguez Chef Desert Diamond
Lee Allen
Chefs love to cook, that’s a given...
Jason Morgan Edwards
Around Albuquerque, the beginning of the new year means something a little bit more special to scholastic basketball fans...