“B” is for bison or buffalo—the newly designated national...
Representatives Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Arizona) and Ann...
The federal Government Accountability Office has rapped the...
In 1985, a government report for the first time documented...
Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians
Construction of the Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians by...
 “Little Cheyenne Girl,” a digital projection by artist J. Nicole Nahmi-A-Piah designed to spotlight Native health, shined in Philadelphia, August 8-14, 2015. The art was illuminated on various cityscapes on a 10-city tour. (Kauffman & Associates, Inc.)
Spokane, Washington, and Washington, D.C.-based American...
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Health & Wellness

Lynn Armitage
After 21 years of priceless homemade cards and many bowls of soggy cereal lovingly served to me in bed, I regret to inform myself that this Mother’s Day will likely be the last one...
iStock Colorful Berry Mix
Alysa Landry
Since the term “food desert” was used in the 2008 Farm Bill , a lot of hype has surrounded these “suburban, rural and tribal communities” with limited access to fresh produce and o...
James Tom Deer Hide Stillwater Gazette
Alicia Lebens/Stillwater Gazette
The scars of war run deep for Oak Park Heights, Minnesota resident James Tom , the type of scars that can’t be seen at first glance...
Traditional Foods Alaska Elders KTVA
What happens to traditional diet when Alaska Native elders move into long-term care facilities?...
Mary Annette Pember
I’d heard about the use of honey buckets in rural Alaska but assumed the reality would turn out to be simply another example of the American habit of exaggeration...
Hungry Food Desert iStockphoto
Alysa Landry
If at least 20 percent of your community lives in poverty and at least one-third of residents have to travel more than one city mile or 10 rural miles to reach a grocery store, you...
Christina Rose
For Native men who batter, it can take relearning their cultural role as a partner in their relationship to stop...
Anne Minard
Housing on the Navajo Nation is about to get a major upgrade, thanks in part to an energetic partnership between tribal housing officials and a former Frank Lloyd Wright protégé...
iStock Bed Bug News
Anne Minard
A feared bed bug infestation at a Navajo Nation hospital brought the facility under attack earlier this month by people who don’t trust its new management—but hospital administrato...
Judith Kaur
Tanya H. Lee