Editor’s Note: Karah Frank submitted her victim’s impact...
Excess sugar consumption has led to an epidemic of type 2 diabetes among American Indian and Alaska Native people and uncontrolled diabetes causes cardiovascular disease.
Sugary-sweetened beverages are the single largest category...
A selfie of Cierra Fields and Vincent Schilling
My name is Cierra Fields. I am 17 and a member of the...
Organizers and participants alike say the First Annual...
Manoomin—Ojibwe for “the good berry,” known to many as wild...
Not good enough. That’s the latest from the Canadian Human...
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Health & Wellness

Jiahui Jia/Cronkite News
It was 9 a.m. and the temperature had already reached 100 degrees...
Frances Madeson
A fire that consumed storage tanks at an oil field in New Mexico is slowly burning out, and a WPX Energy spokesperson has apologized to dozens of Navajo Nation citizens who had to ...
Cheyenne River Youth Project
Lynn Armitage
According to the American Heart Association, the average life expectancy for Natives is five years less than the general population in the U.S., due in large part to obesity...
Tanya H. Lee
What people living on Indian reservations have long suspected turns out to be true—they pay much more for food than people in other communities do...
Dale Carson
A lot of people call it “life itself,” “the source of life,” or “sacred mother corn.” The Aztec Corn Goddess is Chicomecoatl...
Terri Hansen
We are exposed to chemicals found in our homes, our cars, our cleaning and personal care products, the food we eat, and releases into the environment as a result of their manufactu...
Tanya H. Lee
A medical revolution that began in Indian country is spreading across the U.S., from Oregon to Vermont, and tens of millions of lives will be better for it...
Andi Murphy
The Fourth of July is like the grilling championships...
Alysa Landry
Irene Begay didn't get the memo...