Ashton Locklear competes on the balance beam during the women's U.S. Olympic gymnastics trials in San Jose, Calif., Friday, July 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)
Ashton Locklear, Lumbee, is going to the Summer Olympics in...
Comanche Boy 10-round battle against Tracy Sneed
George (Comanche Boy) Tahdooahnippah is gearing up for one...
MorningRose Tobey
There are quite a few upper-class Native athletes in the...
Phoenix-based NPR Station  aired a segment with...
The Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team pulled a repeat of...
After being asked 10 years ago to coordinate the soccer...
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Cocopah Tribe Speedway- Photo: Lee Allen
Lee Allen
For those who love the roar of noisy engines, pedal-to-the-metal speed down the straightaway and cars skidding into a 45-degree turn while tossing massive dirt clods in their wake,...
Sheena Louise Roetman
The Cleveland Indians defeated the Toronto Blue Jays on Wednesday and are now on their way to the World Series...
Billy Mills Announces $100k in Native Youth Grants
Vincent Schilling
Fifty-two years after winning Olympic gold in what has been called the greatest race of all time, Billy Mills (Oglala Lakota Sioux) has announced the third year of the Dreamstarter...
Operated from 1879 to 1918 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School was the first U.S. government-run off-reservation school for American Indian children...
Vincent Schilling
Hall of Famer and former Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez celebrated the 2016 American League Division Series sweep by the Cleveland Indians against Boston with a stereotypica...
Indian Relay - Photo: Michelle LaVasque
Harlan McKosato
Anticipation was high as the inaugural Ioway Invitational Indian Relay Race kicked off in the small rural town of Perkins, Oklahoma last month...
Cary Rosenbaum
There are many types of warriors in Indian Country. There are those who work to stay with the families, friends and fellow tribal members to contribute...
Chelsey Luger
“I’m not the Asian guy from the Black Eyed Peas,” Taboo announced with a laugh, “I’m the *Native* guy from the Black Eyed Peas!” In an unprecedented cross section of athletics, ent...
Chelsey Luger
The fourth annual Nike N7 Sport Summit took off with a bang as Black Eyed Peas band member “Taboo”—Nike’s newest N7 ambassador—hit the stage performing several of his popular hits...
Vincent Schilling
Shortly after KCCI-TV Sports Director Andy Garman in Des Moines, Iowa posted a Clarke HS girls' basketball team poster of seven teammates in various Native themed apparel, includin...