12 Images of Earth Day in DC – Reject and Protect Against Keystone XL

12 Images of Earth Day in DC – Reject and Protect Against Keystone XL

Vincent Schilling

On Tuesday April 22, tribal leaders, tribal members and hundreds more that stand in opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline converged in Washington, D.C.’s National Mall. On the long stretch of grass that extends between the Washington Monument and our Nation’s Capital stood a tipi camp set up by members of the Reject and Protect movement as well as the Cowboy and Indian Alliance.

Winona LaDuke, the former Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate was also in attendance on behalf of her organization Honor the Earth.

Tuesday Morning, well over 30 members of the Cowboy and Indian Alliance which are made up of Oglala Sioux Tribe members and Nebraska and South Dakota Ranchers and Farmers, rode through the streets of Washington, D.C. on horseback with police escort in opposition of the pipeline that is to extend from Canada’s Tar Sands to ports in Texas.

Additionally members from several other Native nations in the United States and Canada marched alongside the Cowboy and Indian Alliance carrying banners in hopes President Barack Obama will not approve of the pipeline.

For more information on the protest and activities happening in D.C. visit here.

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Nicholas Guy
Nicholas Guy
I do not believe that we will win over Keystone. Rose Bud Sioux have made a stand and I favor their stand. This government that stole our lands cares Not for tribal Sovereignty, treaties or Human Rights. The government that rules our Tribal Lands has made it clear that We Have No Say. The Great White Leader caves under political pressure in the past and will Sacrifice Our Blood to preserve His Political Party. I will Fight to Preserve Our Lands.
toso mustaj's picture
toso mustaj
I couldn't be there in person; but my prayers are with you... especially those from the Cheyenne River Sioux.


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