The Colors of Schemitzun, The Green Corn Festival (photos)

The Colors of Schemitzun, The Green Corn Festival (photos)

Christina Rose

Connecticut’s colors never looked better than they did at the Mashantucket Pequot Nations Green Corn Festival known as Schemitzun. Eastern Woodland tribes from Connecticut to Wisconsin came together on August 23 and 24 at the cultural grounds of the reservation. Competitive and honor dances brought out the best from the tiniest dancers to the elders.

Emcee Wayne Reels, Mashantucket Pequot, kept the spirits high and the fancy dancers on their toes. Drum groups Eastern Eagle, Young Blood, Silver Cloud and Storm Boys brought the heartbeat to the event.

Schemitzun is one of the best-attended pow wows on the northeast coast. This year’s event took place on the reservation’s cultural grounds and featured craftspeople from all over the country. An educational area featured traditional foods and cooking methods, storytelling, and examples of early Eastern Woodland village life.

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The outfits and the colors are Beautiful.


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