Crazy Horse and a Thousand National Landmarks Go Blue for World Diabetes Day

Crazy Horse and a Thousand National Landmarks Go Blue for World Diabetes Day


More than one thousand national monuments and landmarks will glow blue tonight to raise awareness of diabetes, a deadly disease devastating people worldwide, and especially in Indian country.

Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota lit up blue on Wednesday evening to mark World Diabetes Day, which is today, December 14. The "world's largest mountain carving," chiseled in the image of Lakota leader Crazy Horse, sheds light, literally, on numerous health organizations' efforts to reverse this morbid trend.

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The International Diabetes Federation started the Blue Monument Challenge in 2007 to encourage people to take part in diabetes education and testing programs. The South Dakota Urban Indian Health clinics in Pierre and Sioux Falls and the Wagner Indian Health Services office will offer free diabetes tests to people throughout the day today, reported

Since the Blue Monument Challenge kicked off five years ago, more than 1,000 monuments and buildings in more than 80 countries have glowed blue on December 14 for World Diabetes Day.

Indian Country Today Media Network features just a few of those iconic, blue-cast landmarks in the photo gallery above.

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