Custer Had It Coming! Native American T-Shirts with Some Attitude

Custer Had It Coming! Native American T-Shirts with Some Attitude


Everyone knows the famous Homeland Security t-shirt -- it's a picture of Geronimo and three other Natives with the tagline "Fighting terrorism since 1492" -- but it's just one of many sly shirts that we've spotted on in-the-know Natives. In a way, wearing your tribal heritage -- and the legacy of injustice toward your people -- on your sleeve keeps history alive in our increasingly ahistorical age. There is irreverence here, and even jokes -- but the humor packs the punch of truth.  

Below are links to the sites that furnished the images in this gallery.

The Original Founding Fathers (Tam's Treasures)
Of Course You Can Trust The Government (The Yankee Dingo on Zazzle)
Insurgents (Demockratees)
My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys (coumrk on Zazzle)
Fuck Columbus and the Ship He Came in On (Demockratees)
Frybread Power (ZsTees on Zazzle)
Custer Had It Coming (BAN T-shirts)
Hero (Demockratees)
I Heart Rez Boys (Cheef Culture)
Retire Indian Masocts (Demockratees)
Illegal Immigration Started in 1492 (BAN T-shirts)
Chief Joseph: Disobey (Libertymaniacs on Zazzle)
Caucasians (Shelf Life Clothing)
I was Here First (Cheef Culture)
CUSTER PWN3D!!! (Demockratees)
American Indian Movement (Under the Red Sun on Skreened)
Where was the INS in 1492 (WhiteTiger LLC on Zazzle)
Holocaust Denier (Unifikation on Zazzle)

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Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Now where can we buy these at? Would LOVE to have some of them for my family to wear to town every time we go! Be an activist people in a good way & let people know how it really is! Someone let us know where we can buy these at!
Anonymous's picture
Ah. Really want one from Demockratees, but the domain expired. Anyone know where else they're available?
Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
I've got a T-shirt with an unidentified group of NDNs in full regalia with the caption "Boarding School Dropouts." I've got another that was created by a friend of mine with a photo of Geronimo and his band with the caption, "The Untouchables." T-shirt activitism doesn't hurt anyone although I've gotten a few rude looks from up-tight White guys.
Virginia Rae Stubella
Virginia Rae St...
How about this one?
Colleen Lloyd
Colleen Lloyd
Thanks for the mention, Indian Country MN! Proud and honored to be the creator of the Homeland Security Fighting Terrorism Since 1492 shirt, most famous design ever and serving NDN Country since 2003! And you're right, Custer Was a Punk Bitch and we can hook you up with that shirt too!
Juliet's picture
Maybe a 'Rednecks' T-shirt, bearing a stereotypical Southerner, complete with overalls and moonshine jug, in the lettering style of a certain team whose name starts with 'Red'?
Susie Bennett Deem
Susie Bennett Deem
Need a shirt that says Custer Got Siouxed


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