Custer's End: The Battle of the Little Bighorn Remembered

Custer's End: The Battle of the Little Bighorn Remembered


On June 25, 1876, an alliance of Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Northern Arapaho defeated the 7th Cavalry, led by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, at Greasy Grass -- better known in American history books as the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

At Last Real Indians, Dana Lone Hill writes that "As much as the American education we received wanted us to forget that day, as much as they taught us it was a massacre, yet no women and children were killed like later in the Wounded Knee Massacre, our people did not let us forget. Not one of my family members ever let me forget about June 25th, 1876. It was forever told to me in many stories. This was the day we kicked ass."

About half of the 700 Cavalry soldiers were killed or wounded, and every soldier in the five companies with Custer died, as did their leader. The American Indians suffered statistically much fewer casualties, between 36 and 300 of their number, which was between 1,000 and 2,500.

Today, using tools neither Custer nor Sitting Bull could have imagined, Natives have shared words and images that express their feelings about the day of victory that occurred before any of them were born -- on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and blogs they have posted century-old ledger art, contemporary paintings, homemade tributes, photographs taken by strangers. Little Bighorn would be the Natives' one triumph of significance in the Great Sioux War of 1876, or the Black Hills War, in which the U.S. forces ultimately prevailed.

But Dana Lone Hill is right: This was the day American Indians kicked ass.

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The greatest injustice ever committed by this country is the treatment of our Ntive Americans..Shameful, disgraceful and unforgivable!
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If the 7th were actually a cavalry regiment then why did they fight as mounted infentry? Even as infantry armed with single action weapons they could have fought in squares and used multiple ranks of fire. I wounder if it was not the 7th aragance that lost the battle.
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There is obviously a disconnect between our so called leaders. They have made it a career to not point out that the policies of colonialism are nothing but theft and murder. First the illegal European immigrants stole and murdered their way across this continent. Our so called leaders refuse to say that the European and then American governments invaded, and invades countries to enable powerful freebooters, thieves, murderers and corporations to steal their natural resources and lands for colonization. Now a days the white collar thieves and murderers utilize American resources and money to destabilize governments start their overthrow. Assassinations and coups are manipulated through our CIA to overthrow governments and to allow America to set up, and prop up despot 2 bit dictatorships, bribed to subjugate their own people while foreign conglomerates steal their natural resources with the profits going to the foreign corporations and their bought off Washington political prostitutes as well as the bribed dictators and their families and henchmen. The terrorist attacks are from people incensed at seeing their resources stolen, profits going out of country and their people intimidated, terrorized, raped, kidnapped and murdered to enable the theft. America spends trillions of dollars every year to maintain, 750-900 military bases worldwide in 125-235 countries, depending on if Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura is talking. All manned by the CIA, military intelligence and hired foreign mercenaries, all diligently working on behalf of the neo conservative white collar thieves and murderers who themselves are leeches and parasites. There is no ethics, morality or legal standing for these self legalized thieves and murderers to allow so many millions of people to be murdered through the centuries in the anglo church sanctioned and blessed policies of theft and murder. America spends trillions to realize obscene profits off the policies of colonialism to a very few Americans(1%) and their foreign monopolies and conglomerates and their bought off Washington political prostitutes. They get the profits and America gets the trillion dollar bill and resulting terrorist attacks. And our so called leaders refuse to educate themselves on the policies of colonialism and the loss of their lands and resources. What we have left are so called leaders who refuse to ask questions, speak out for themselves and their people, leaders who have their hands stuck in the cookie jar, just as crooked as the descendants of the illegal European immigrants who stole and murdered their way across this land. Who refuse to educate themselves, and instead allow the state and federal governments to run over them and their people. Disgusting display of leadership I would say.
Dave Mitchell
Dave Mitchell
Custer's last words: "Take no prisoners!"


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