On Earth Day, Our Mother From Space

On Earth Day, Our Mother From Space


Earth Day 2012 is a time to reflect on our environment and our spiritual connection with it. From this small bauble all life springs, after all. It is no small feat. What better way to showcase Mother Earth's fragility but from far above? Here we bring you some shots of our precious planet by way of celebrating her uniqueness. Some were recently tweeted from the International Space Station by Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers, who is in orbit until July 2012. Others are classics such as the iconic Big Blue Marble shot from 1972 and its 2011 counterpart. And then there are whatever random shots we found around the Web.

Photos of Earth from space on the earliest Apollo missions helped spark the consciousness that led to the first observance of Earth Day in 1970. It has since grown to include at least 175 countries, and as of 2009, April 22 has been known as International Mother Earth Day. Indeed, if Bolivian President Evo Morales has his way, she will soon be just as much an individual as any corporation is.

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