Exclusive Preview: The Philbrook's New Native Art Showcase in Tulsa

Exclusive Preview: The Philbrook's New Native Art Showcase in Tulsa


ICTMN was recently invited to have an exclusive look at the Philbrook Downtown, a new space being opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by the Philbrook Museum of Art. The new venue occupies a renovated warehouse space in the Brady Arts District, and, in a move that reflects the museum's belief in American Indian art, has reserved its entire second floor for Native art from multiple eras.

Visitors to the Philbrook Downtown, which opens June 14, will find a collection of some 130 pieces innovatively arranged not by era, but by theme -- works from hundreds of years ago sit next to the 20th and 21st century art that is the gallery's stated focus. Themes include Adaptation, Integration and Preservation.

From 1946 to 1979, the Philbrook hosted a national juried exhibition of Native American art that essentially took over the museum, an event comparable to the Santa Fe Indian Market. With the opening of Philbrook Downtown, the museum reconnects with its heritage as one of North America's premier venues for contemporary American Indian art. The facility also includes the Eugene B. Adkins Study Center, a library and repository of original documents relating to American Indian art and the artists who created it.

The Philbrook Downtown is located at 116 E. Brady Street between Cincinnati and Boston Aves. For more information, visit Philbrook.org.

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