How Do You Build an Art Market? Piece by Piece. Here's How to Help

How Do You Build an Art Market? Piece by Piece. Here's How to Help


So it begins.

There's much to be done as the Indigenous Fine Art Market (IFAM) plans its very first edition, scheduled to happen August 21-23 in Santa Fe, New Mexico: people are needed, funds must be raised, plans must be coordinated, leadership is essential. But one thing matters above all.

You can't have an art market without art.

On its Facebook page, IFAM has been posting works by artists who've signed on, and the sampling is impressive for its variety and artistic excellence. 

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The 20 photos here don't give a sense of how big IFAM will be -- though it's unlikely the upstart event will reach the scale of the Santa Fe Indian Market, which overlaps with IFAM and boasts 1000 artists who've committed (with another 100 on a waiting list) -- and the deadline for booth applications is June 6th. Interested artists should visit the application page at for complete information. 

IFAM is also soliciting donations through a Kickstarter campaign, with a target of $60,000 by June 12. Here's the video:

IFAM will also be raising funds through the sale of donated works. Of the pieces shown here, two pastels by Monty Singer and the painting "Puck Ficasso" by Frank Buffalo Hyde will be raffled, with 50% of the proceeds going to the IFAM coffers. Both raffles have Facebook pages:

Event: Raffle of pastels by Monty Singer

Event: Raffle of "Puck Ficasso" by Frank Buffalo Hyde

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