Indian Country Gathers For the 2013 American Indian Society Inaugural Ball

Indian Country Gathers For the 2013 American Indian Society Inaugural Ball

Vincent Schilling


With more than a million people swarming into Washington D.C. over this past weekend to take part in the Inaugural festivities surrounding the Inauguration of President Barack Obama, the 44th president, a considerable chunk of those people made their way to the 2013 American Indian Society’s Inaugural Ball. The AIS Ball, held at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, just outside of Washington D.C., certainly saw its share of Inaugural excitement American Indian style.

As the evening got underway on Sunday, tribal leaders and tribal members came to the gala dressed to the nines, with full length gown flowing and tuxedos emblazoned with Native flavor.

After the National Anthem was delivered by Grammy winner Joanne Shenandoah, Grammy winner Star Nayea entertained the crowds with more music.

Shortly into the evening, The Center for Native American Youth Chairman retired Senator Byron Dorgan and Executive Director Erin Bailey were presented with the Daniel Inouye Indigenous Spirit Award.

Additionally, there were four Legacy Awards given to exemplary Native people: A. Gay Kingman, Billy Mills, Billy Frank Jr and the late Elouise Cobell.

After the awards, there were additional performances by Mato Nanji, the lead singer of Indigenous and Michael Bucher.

Cobell’s son Turk Cobell, who accepted the awards on behalf of his mother said of the affair, “I genuinely appreciated the hospitality of everyone. Overall, this truly worked out to be a great event.”

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