Jason Momoa and Native Co-Stars Make the Scene at 'Red Road' Premiere

Jason Momoa and Native Co-Stars Make the Scene at 'Red Road' Premiere


On Monday night, in Los Angeles, VIPs and press gathered for the premiere of the Sundance Channel's highly-anticipated new series, The Red Road. Star Jason Momoa (Native Hawaiian) was joined by fellow Native cast members Zahn McClarnon (Hunkpapa Lakota) and Kiowa Gordon (Hualapai) as well as assorted co-stars and producers in posing for the paparazzi at the event.

The Red Road is a contemporary drama that tells the story of an ex-con (Momoa) in conflict with his Tribal people, the Lenape, as well as a small nearby town of Walpole, New Jersey. Reviews are surfacing, and they're mixed, but bending toward positive. Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter praises it as a "very well-acted, well-shot and intriguing series," but comes down hard on the writing, a flaw that leaves the show "trying to get from start to finish with a pretty important blown spark plug." Brian Lowry of Variety hails "the scary, visually imposing presence of Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa" as the best part of the show. "While certainly not bad," Lowry writes, "the series would be better if it came with fewer built-in speed bumps, and a little more narrative momentum."

The Red Road premieres on the Sundance Channel on Thursday, February 27, at 9 PM. The first episode is available for viewing right now at the Sundance Channel website.

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