Jewelry and Style on the Streets of Santa Fe

Jewelry and Style on the Streets of Santa Fe


Photographer Cynthia Whitney-Ward captures the flair and finery of the Santa Fe Indian Market

“I decided to shoot the crowd rather than the artists and their art. It’s pure theater to walk around and see what folks are wearing—handsome bolos, scads of turquoise, fab boots, concho belts galore. Everyone dresses for Indian Market!” —Photographer Cynthia Whitney-Ward

The Santa Fe Indian Market is the mecca of Native art and craftsmanship, a showcase for the most talented and creative souls on Turtle Island.

And yet, it is so much more than that.

Walk down San Francisco Street or around Santa Fe Plaza during market weekend and you will find yourself in the midst of a happening, a multisensory art experience like none other. You will find yourself surrounded by silver, gold, turquoise; beaded leather and embroidered fabrics; high fashion and cowboy cool; and everywhere—color, color and more color.

There is plenty of art for sale in Santa Fe, and then there’s fabulous art you can’t buy—the people. Photographer Cynthia Whitney-Ward took to the streets last month to document the kaleidoscope that is Santa Fe during the market, which took place from August 20 to 21. Her enchanting photos, posted to her blog, capture the pageantry and unapologetic showboating that makes the Indian Market a must-visit for her and the 100,000 visitors and enthusiasts who attend each year.

Based on these photos, it’s not hard to guess her favorite eye candy. “I love the jewelry,” she says. “I collect vintage stuff, but at the market I seek out the contemporary designers. And there’s always a story about each piece, which makes the design richer and multilayered.”

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