Longbow Hunter Amson Collins: Thosh Collins Photo of the Week

Longbow Hunter Amson Collins: Thosh Collins Photo of the Week

Thosh Collins

The subject, in his own words: "My name is Amson Collins. I was born and raised in Salt River Arizona. I am Onk Akimal Au Authm (Salt River Pima) and Wazazhe from Osage nation in Pawhuska Oklahoma. I hunt with the longbow because I've always been inspired by how my ancestors used to hunt with their bows. It's a challenge that I believe to be more fair for the animals being hunted but also it has been a gateway to connecting with the land and learning about the medicinal uses of what plants and trees are left that can be helpful to one's health and purpose."

The photographer: Thosh Collins (Pima/Osage/Seneca/Cayuga) is a contributor to The Thing About Skins.  Thosh is an award-winning photographer and fitness enthusiast from Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and a board member of the Native Wellness Institute. He studies Indigenous principles of health, well-being and nutrition and puts them into a modern-day context in a discipline called "Hybridized Indigenous Wellness." He loves to photograph Natives living in a hybridized healthy way. He is available for workshops and photography services at thoshcollinsphotographer.com and his Instagram is@thoshographer.

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