A Month Through the Lens of Urban Native Girl

A Month Through the Lens of Urban Native Girl


Lisa Charleyboy, sometime ICTMN style correspondent and blogger known to many as Urban Native Girl, gave herself a challenge for April: Each day, create an image (or pick one she'd already taken) on a Native-themed topic. This gallery contains some of her favorites. You can see the rest of the April pictures and keep up with the ones she's posting for May (yes, she's doing it again, with new subjects), visit urbannativegirl.tumblr.com.

It should be mentioned that Lisa wasn't the only participant in Native Photo a Day—she invited others in the Twitter- and Tumblrverse to shoot along, and many did. By the end of April, some 731 photos had been posted with the #nativephotoaday tag. You can follow the May contest as it happens by tracking #nativephotoaday on Twitter.

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