Native Hip Hop, Classic Rock Bring Down the House in South Dakota

Native Hip Hop, Classic Rock Bring Down the House in South Dakota

Christina Rose


A Gathering of People, Wind and Water brought the best of South Dakota’s Native musicians and artwork together at Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota.

The beat was bumpin’ Saturday night when Frank Waln, hip hop artist, friend of all children, and heart throb of the Rosebud Tribe, got the joint jumpin’ accompanied by a crowd of kids in regalia. Waln, who currently lives in Chicago, brought the house down.

Pine Ridge’s rock royalty, Julianna Brown Eyes Clifford and Scotti Clifford of Scatter Their Own, were also on hand and were said to have given one of their best performances ever. Also on tap was Pura Fe accompanying Ulali.

The event was taped for a new music video for Waln, and there were reports that MTV was also taping the event for a documentary for MTV Global. The event also featured Native artwork by Martin Red Bear, Sandy Swallow, Gerald Yellowhawk, Roger Broer, Evans Flammond, The Sculpture Project and more.

To see a video of Kevin Locke giving a hoop dance lesson to Rapid City kids, visit

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