Native Trendspotting: OB Ones Custom Designs, Facebook Only

Native Trendspotting: OB Ones Custom Designs, Facebook Only

Vincent Schilling

On the OB Ones Facebook page, O.B. of OB Graphics is showcasing a vast array of brilliantly decorated custom tennis shoes with a plethora of Native themes.

But according to a recent post -- sorry folks, the designer isn’t currently taking orders for these custom designed shoes. This despite the glowing comments and the well over 8,800 likes on the page -- people are chomping at the bit to get them.

According to the artist, “OB Ones custom shoes are exclusive hand drawn art by O.B using the ideas of others and the information and characteristics of the individuals who collect shoe art. The goal is to build bridges among different cultures to build more unity.”

O.B. is also looking for a licensing deal.  Interested folks can email their proposals to .  Our debit cards can hardly wait. Perhaps we’ll see them on Shark Tank.

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