Paul Frank Presents Designs Revealed at Santa Fe Indian Market

Paul Frank Presents Designs Revealed at Santa Fe Indian Market


On August 16, during the 2013 Santa Fe Indian Market week, a long saga of cultural insensitivity and subsequent cooperation reached its climax. In an event held at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, the Paul Frank Presents collection, a collaboration between Paul Frank Industries and four Native American designers, made its debut; the project came about in the wake of "Dream Catchin'", an Indian-themed party that the company threw in Spetember 2012.

A flap ensued, and Paul Frank Industries took the remarkable step of committing to produce a line of products with American Indian designers.

The designers, whose work is shown above, are Autumn Dawn Gomez, Dustin Martin, Candace Halcro and Louie Gong. The images here come from Beyond Buckskin Boutique, the online fashion store run by blogger and Native fashion expert Jessica Metcalfe. At the MoCNA event, Metcalfe spoke on a panel about fashion and appropriation, as did Adrienne Keene, another blogger who helped get the attention of Paul Frank Industries back in September

"This collaboration has been an opportunity for us to help raise awareness about cultural misappropriations, which unfortunately happen too often in product, promotion and fashion," said Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands, parent company of Paul Frank Industries. "Our partnership with these four talented Native American designers was the direct result of our own awakening to this issue from our Paul Frank Fashion's Night Out event back in September of 2012. We hope this 'Paul Frank Presents' collaboration will demonstrate more appropriate ways to engage and celebrate the Native American communities."

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