Photo Gallery: 20 Memorials to Native Americans

Photo Gallery: 20 Memorials to Native Americans


Memorial Day is an occasion for remembering those who have died in the U.S. armed forces. It's not hard to find monuments and tributes to American soldiers who died in wars all over the world, but what of the Native Americans who lost their lives in the struggle to defend their own lands? Those are comparatively rare. Leaders like Sitting Bull and Geronimo are memorialized, but there are precious few tributes to (or even acknowledgements of) the countless American Indians who lost their lives in what amounted to a war that spanned generations.

Here are some of the monuments, memorials, and grave markers that have been erected or installed to acknowledge Native Americans -- while we're deservedly celebrating soldiers, sailors, airmen and Code Talkers, let us not forget the warriors and their families who died defending their own homelands.

Some relevant links:

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Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Facebook: Our Navajo Code Talkers

Fort Mitchell Indian Heritage Center

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Bill Brown
Bill Brown
How's Crazy Horse monument coming along?
Joshua EagleClaw Young
Joshua EagleCla...
my 4x great grandfather has a memorial as well, It is in the town park in the town named for him. Keokuk. in the state of Iowa. last November was the 100 year re-dedication of the Keokuk memorial. Although the artist was misinformed as to the traditional chieftain head dress for our tribe(they used a full war bonnet) it is a striking resemblance to him. Of course they misspelled his name as happens a lot, they misspelled the name of the town as well. i Am proud of my Ancestor even though some people would say he was a traitor. He did what he had to do to keep his people safe and ensure our linage would continue, had he not you would not be reading this now. Thank you Creator for Kiyo`kaga Chief Of the Sac/Fox and my ancestor.


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