Photo Gallery: The Marvin “Joe” Curry Veteran's Pow Wow

Photo Gallery: The Marvin “Joe” Curry Veteran's Pow Wow

Cliff Matias

Rain showers could not stop the dancing, or the beating of the drum at one of New York’s biggest pow wows. The Marvin “Joe” Curry Veteran's Pow Wow on July 18-20, at the Salamanca Nation Territory brought more than 700 dancers to the grass stage.

The dances featured during the weekend focused on the Iroquois traditions, such as Men’s War dance, Women’s Shuffle dance, Smoke dance and various social dances done by members of the Six Nations. 

There was also an Iroquois War Dance Special hosted by Head Dancer Kyle Dowdy Jr. The tournament-style contest pitted dancers against each other one-on-one with the winner moving on to the next round.

Robert White Magpie, Lakota, said, “It was cool the way they incorporated Iroquois Dances and traditions in to a Western style pow wow. I really enjoyed this pow wow even with a little rain. 

By Sunday, most of the rain had passed, and it was time for some sun.

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