Photo Gallery: The Paddle to Squaxin, Part I

Photo Gallery: The Paddle to Squaxin, Part I


Our reporter Richard Walker has been a part of the Canoe Journey for many years now, reporting on it for Indian Country Today Media Network and sending us these indelible photos (with the help of his photographer wife, Molly Neely-Walker.)

Here is part one of his Journey photos this year, with two more to come on this 21st annual Canoe Journey, a cultural event that has helped form incredibly tight bonds between Pacific Northwest coastal tribes. When the journey was in its first year, in 1989, nine canoes participated. This year, July 29-August 5, the Squaxin Island Tribe hosted pullers from 98 canoes. This year's Canoe Journey theme, chosen by the Squaxin Island Tribe, is "Teachings of Our Ancestors."

Come back for more as we'll be showcasing two more photo galleries from the Canoe Journey.

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