Photos of the Native Culture Center 'God Hates'

Photos of the Native Culture Center 'God Hates'


News broke this week of the Westboro Baptist Church’s intentions of protesting the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage on Saturday June 1.

The church is well known for its offensive protests. In the past it has celebrated the death of soldiers by protesting at their funerals (church members believe that soldiers defend what they see as the government’s pro-homosexual agenda when they defend the country) and railed about God’s so-called hate toward homosexuals and more. Now, it has turned its attention to Native Americans.

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According to their release posted on their offensively titled website, they will be protesting the Alaska Heritage Center in Anchorage Alaska on Sunday, June 1 from 8:45-9:15 a.m. for two reasons:

“…you make a religion out of the pagan idolatrous practices of past generations. There is nothing appealing or holy about the ‘heritage’ of the eleven ‘distinct cultures’ or ‘diverse population’ of Alaska. They walked in darkness and served idols of every kind, contrary to the direct commandment to have no gods before God.”

“… you fail to give God the glory, instead of the traditions and gods of the past… Stop worshiping dead cultures, man-made idols, and the sinful traditions of past generations. Put the resources into teaching and learning the Bible instead, and warning your neighbor to stop sinning before it’s too late, and he’s sinned away the last day of grace.”

The release is also peppered with bible passages from Acts and Exodus and comments such as “God hasn’t completely destroyed Alaska yet, so there is time to repent of this idolatry.”

The protest is currently scheduled to take place 10 days before the biennial Sealaska Heritage Institute Celebration – June 11 – 14 in Juneau. According to, the Celebration is a major dance-and-culture festival held every two years, that draws thousands of people to the capital. This year’s theme is “Envisioning the future through the reflections of our past.”

The above photos, all courtesy of the Git-Hoan Dancers Facebook page, are a small piece of the 2012 Celebration offering a great look into the culture of the Alaska Native communities.

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