Riders Leave South Dakota to Commemorate Dakota 38

Riders Leave South Dakota to Commemorate Dakota 38


It’s nearly that time of year. No, not Christmas—well, that too, but it’s nearly December 26. A day when everyone should take a moment to remember those 38 Dakota lives lost in Mankato, Minnesota.

The Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial and Reconciliation Ride left Lower Brule, South Dakota on December 10. They have some 330 miles to travel before they reach their destination on December 26 in Mankato, Minnesota where more than 150 years ago 38 Dakota men were hung after the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862.

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To see the full schedule of where the riders will be on their journey, visit Dakota38.org. Donations are helpful during events like this, riders and horses need to have food and places to stay for the night. People can provide financial donations or people can help with supplies and services like hay and water for the horses, transportation or vehicle repair.

For those wanting to send the riders a message of support or track their progress, check the Facebook page.

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