Shoni Schimmel Shines in WNBA Playoffs (Photos)

Shoni Schimmel Shines in WNBA Playoffs (Photos)

Amy Morris

It’s game day for Shoni Schimmel and the Atlanta Dream.

The Dream have had an incredible season, and this evening they are headed in to the final game of the Eastern Conference Semifinals of the WNBA Playoffs. Their home opener in the three-game series, put Chicago up 80-77; but on Sunday, in Game 2, the Dream rallied back for a 92-83 win over Chicago.

ICTMN photographer Amy Morris captured rookie guard Shoni Schimmel in Game 1, which was played at home in Atlanta on August 22.

Schimmel and the Dream play tonight at 7:30 EST on NBA TV.

But before you watch tonight’s game, check out this behind the back pass from Schimmel to Angel McCoughtry in the 3rd quarter of Game 2.

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bullbear's picture
Fantastic pass! But, the Phoenix Mercury are setting records abound in just this one season. Brittney Griner was 9 for 9 last week, that's netting 100% in a single game - a new record. Griner also dunked the ball against L.A. Sparks last week which was a first-ever in the history of WNBA. We bad! Come knocking on our door and we will come out to play, anyone, anywhere....
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I am sorry the Dream were eliminated from the playoff series. I was hoping that we would get a chance to see Shoni again in the Phoenix area. I wish their team a great 2015 season. Indian country is quite proud of your accomplishments, Shoni. We also wish the best for Jude and the Louisville squad. Many blessings to you and the family. -From Arizona


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